What equipment will you provide?

The range of equipment we bring to an event will be based on the event type, hazards identified from the risk assessment and anticipated number of participants.  This will be agreed in advance with the event organiser.  As a minimum an event kit will contain a sufficient quantity and range of sterile dressings, bandages, eyewash solution, ice packs, tapes, latex-free nitrile gloves, blankets, scissors and automated external defibrillator (AED).

Do I need to provide a first aid room at my event?

That would be preferable, however if necessary we can supply a gazebo on request.

What equipment can you provide for transporting casualties at my event?

This will form part of the pre-event risk assessment discussion. We can provide the following equipment: wheelchair, ambulance carry chair, ambulance trolley cot and basket stretcher.


Can you provide equipment for dealing with major trauma?

If the risk assessment so requires, our first aiders will be equipped with a range of splints for managing fractures, including limb, pelvic, neck and spine

How experienced are your first aid team?

All of our first aiders commence their volunteering at HFA with a first aid at work qualification.  This is the minimum requirement necessary for providing first aid at events.  A comprehensive programme of further training (by experienced first aid enhanced skills trainers and former ambulance personnel) is then undertaken.  Most of our team have provided first aid and ambulance services at some of the biggest events in the UK for more than 20 years.  Your casualties will be in good hands!

How can I be sure your organisation is the right one for my event?

At HFA we take our responsibilities very seriously. Having worked to Care Quality Commission standards for many years, all of our first aiders undergo enhanced disclosure under the PVG scheme. Our health and safety and safeguarding policies are available to view on our website.  We are approved by the Scottish Charity Regulator and hold public liability insurance to a level of £6 million.